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Live Entertainment in Berlin

Looking for the best live entertainment in Berlin? From world-renowned music venues and theaters to intimate underground clubs, Berlin has a vibrant and diverse live entertainment scene. Whether you're into rock, electro, classical music, or stand-up comedy, there's something for everyone in this bustling city. Need help finding the hottest gigs or latest performances? Keep reading to discover the top spots to catch live entertainment in Berlin.

1. Berlin International Film Festival, Berlin

Berlinale Museum Island

Held every February, the "Berlinale" is the world's largest publicly attended annual film festival with events spread out among Berlin's varied film venues. Los Angeles gives out Oscars, we give out the Golden Bear.

2. Berlin Design Week, Berlin

Berlin Design Week Working

Design Week is a time for creatives to come together and discuss current trends, but it's also a time to think about future design and sustainability. Happens annually in May.

3. Berlin Festival of Lights, Berlin

Berlin Festival of Lights Church

Spectacular event that transforms landmarks across the city through illuminations, projections, and even 3D mapping. October is when the cold starts to bite, but it's well worth walking around for a few hours to take in the lights ✨🏮.