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Lunch Spots in Berlin

Looking for the best lunch spots in Berlin to satisfy your cravings? Look no further! Berlin is home to a diverse culinary scene, offering everything from traditional German fare to international cuisines. Whether you're in the mood for a cozy cafe, trendy bistro, or bustling food market, Berlin has it all. Curious to know where to find the best vegan lunch options in Berlin? Look no further as we explore the top spots for a delicious and plant-based meal in the city.

1. Co Co Banh Mi Deli, Berlin

Coco Banh Mi Deli Sandwich Cross Section

Great for a quick lunch banh mi sandwich at fair prices. Fresh ingredients that you can eat there or as take-out. If it's too busy, head to Banh Mi Stable nearby.

2. Chungking Noodles, Berlin

Chungking Noodles Food

If the spicy noodle craving's got you, this is a good spot. Make sure to start with the spicy tofu appetizer ­čî´ŞĆ.

3. The Tree, Berlin

The Tree - Plates of food

Asian fusion rice bowls and noodle soups with Szechuan influence. The menu also includes small plates - a great option for exploring different flavors. The space itself boasts a minimalist yet cozy concept.

4. Papaya Kantstra├če, Berlin

Papaya Kantstra├če Table

Relaxed Thai restaurant offering a traditional menu that's perfect for a quick lunch bite. Easily amendable to accommodating vegetarian only requests. Watch out, when they say "medium spicy", they mean it.

5. Goldies, Berlin

Goldies Food

One of many fries-focused options in Berlin, Goldies also does fried chicken sandwiches and at their second location, smashburgers. It's all fine in a pinch but some might like other similar spots better. Still good.

6. Angry Chicken, Berlin

Angry Chicken Dish

Small and unassuming Korean fried chicken shop. Good wings, decent fried chicken sandwiches. Varying levels of spice.

7. Konnopke's Imbiss, Berlin

Konnopke's Imbiss Exterior

Tucked underneath the U2 train line closed to Eberswalder Strasse, Konnopke's is arguably Berlin's best place for a currywurst. Open odd hours, so check in advance.

8. Daluma, Berlin

DALUMA Healthy Food

Daluma is a vegan's delight, serving up smoothies, vibrant bowls, and great coffee. The flavors will excite the omnivores amongst us too - it's that good. Their avocado and toast is out of this world ­čąĹ.

9. Mogg, Berlin

Mogg Berlin Pastrami Sandwich

Famous for their pastrami sandwich and New York-style cheesecake. It's good, it's good! But it's definitely not New York. Try and grab a table outside for some Auguststra├če people watching.

10. Katerschmaus, Berlin

Katerschmaus Exterior

The sister restaurant of super-club Kater Blau and beer garden Holzmarkt 25, Katerschmaus is a waterfront hidden gem that's great for lunch in the sun or a weekend pre-night out dinner. Fresh and local ingredients.

11. M├Ądchenitaliener, Berlin

M├Ądchenitaliener Interior

Great Mitte spot for lunch with a focus on freshly made pasta. Can't really go wrong with the burrata either. Recently added a nice outdoor backyard for the summers!

12. Toca Rouge, Berlin

Toca Rouge Menu

Chinese favorites with a fusion spin on them, so your senses are in for a treat. Keep your phone charged for the Insta-worthy dishes and interiors (check the unique bathroom lighting) ÔťĘ.

13. Dudu31, Berlin

Dudu31 Bowl

Dudu is one of the higher end Asian fusion places ­čŹ▒­čŹť­čąó. A little sleek, a little sterile. Does everything well, but nothing *great*. Good for lunch.

14. rocket + basil, Berlin

Rocket + Basil Soups

Homey little cafe from a celebrated sister duo serving an excellent brunch with a Persian twist. The mascarpone pancakes or poached eggs are sure bets - but you can't miss with anything. Also great for their lunchtime sandwiches.

15. Neni Berlin, Berlin

Neni Berlin Interior

Neni has violated one significant tourist trap guideline, namely, it has an incredible view. The food is good, but nothing special, so just worth coming here for the ambiance and 1-2 punch with Monkey Bar across the way.

16. A.HORN, Berlin

A.Horn - Plate of food

Welcoming cafe with a plant-filled personality. The menu covers everything from specialty coffee and breakfast plates to lunches and cakes. An indoor-outdoor venue ideal for a caffeine-fuelled read or a social lunch with friends.

17. Banh Mi Stable, Berlin

Banh Mi Stable Sandwich

Three options to pick from (pork, tofu, chicken) - all of which are excellent. Not a lot of indoor seating so either take it to go or curb it with a Tiger beer. If the line is too long (can happen), head to Co Co Banh Mi close-by.

18. Cocolo Ramen, Berlin

Cocolo Ramen Serving

Traditional Japanese ramen bowls. Arguably the best in Berlin. The intimate space can only take so many guests, so there's always a queue, plus they don't take reservations. Two locations (Mitte and Kreuzberg).

19. Crackbuns, Berlin

Crackbuns Food

The Japanese-inspired fuwa-fuwa buns are little balls of soft, fluffy goodness, and the Mochi fries are unlike any other with their doughy texture.

20. Formidable, Berlin

Formidable Sandwiches Berlin

It's hard to find good "American style" sandwiches in Berlin. Formidable is about as close as you can get. Friendly spot with a large menu.

21. Izmir K├Âfte, Berlin

Izmir Kofte Sandwich

Finding a good sandwich ­čąľ in Berlin can be hard, but this Turkish take served on fresh baguette definitely does the trick. Simple menu but everything is great to grab and go (it's right at Kotti after all).