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Weekend Trips in Stockholm

1. Strängnäs, Stockholm

Strängnäs - View

About an hour from Stockholm lies the charming town of Strängnäs, situated on the shores of Lake Mälaren. The town is home to several historical buildings, a tank museum, and a lively town center.

2. Södertälje, Stockholm

Södertälje - Houses

Located close to Stockholm, Södertälje is a port city featuring several historical landmarks and interesting museums, including the open-air museum Torekällberget and Gripsholm Castle.

3. Uppsala, Stockholm

Winding staircase in Uppsala

Lively university town located north of Stockholm. Home to numerous historical landmarks, such as the oldest university in Sweden and a burial ground for Swedish royalty.

4. Södermanland County, Stockholm

Sodermanland County House

Dubbed "Sweden's pleasure garden" for its diversity of landscapes. The area is conveniently located near Stockholm and offers many day trip opportunities - from ~400 castles to numerous villages and hiking trails.

5. Trosa, Stockholm

Trosa - House

Quaint town south of Stockholm, perfect for exploring the archipelago. It's an ideal day or weekend trip destination, offering ample opportunities to discover Sweden's natural beauty.

6. Mariefred , Stockholm

Mariefred  1

About an hour drive from Stockholm is the small town of Mariefred, the site of a former Carthusian Monastery. It is well known for the large Gripsholm Castle, but there is also the historic S/S Mariefred boat to ferry visitors about.

7. Södertörn, Stockholm

Södertörn - Forest

Södertörn, Sweden's third-largest island, is located just south of Stockholm. It's the perfect destination for a day trip for those who want to explore Sweden's nature, with an array of lakes and forests to discover.

8. Gotland, Stockholm

Gotland Trees

It's not easy to reach the island of Gotland, as visitors must choose between a three hour ferry or a flight. But many are surprised by how much this island offers, from beautiful scenery to historic villages and a great dining scene.

9. Sigtuna, Stockholm

Sigtuna - Palace

Less than an hour north of Stockholm is Sigtuna, known as Sweden's first town. Cute and picturesque with historic homes, famous ruins, a beautiful lake, and a nearby castle.